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Our company is committed to providing customers with high quality, high performance of the pump; The main products are: vertical turbine pump, vertical type condensate pump, vertical sump pump, vertical submerged sewage pump, vertical wet pit pump, API610 VS1 - VS6 vertical pump, H series right Angle gear box, etc.; My company in the production of high quality water pumps, products are exported to many countries and regions around the world, products are widely used in electric power, steel, metallurgy, water conservancy, municipal, chemical, environmental protection, energy, construction, ports, offshore markets...

Vertical Turbine Pump

Vertical turbine pump is suitable for conveying water and some solid particles (such as iron, sand, coal powder, etc.) of sewage and industrial waste water, seawater corrosive; Please specify when conveying liquid temperature over 80 ℃ to the use of special materials.

Vertical turbine pump
Vertical Sump Pump

Vertical Sump Pump

Vertical sump pump impeller structure with unique port form, used in power plants, steel mills, chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper making, smelting, coal processing, municipal, construction and other industry sewage, wastes containing particles, and is used for pumping clean water and corrosive medium.

Vertical Condensate Pump

Vertical type condensate pump widely is suitable for conveying water and circulating water of power plant, also can be used for NPSH or install base restricted transport physical and chemical properties similar to water in the chemical process. When the water temperature over 80 ℃ need special instructions to use special materials.

Vertical Condensate Pump
Right Angle Gearboxes

Right Angle Gearboxes

Right Angle Gearboxes with the diesel engine, horizontal motor or turbine directly, used for vertical turbine pump, deep well pump, oblique flow pump, axial flow pump, submerged pump and so on all sorts of the vertical Angle of mechanical transmission and variable speed and its axial force to bear, can be widely used in irrigation and water conservancy engineering, municipal engineering, metallurgy, mining, oil chemical industry, fire and Marine engineering and other fields.

Vertical Wet Pit Pump

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Vertical wet pit pumps are intended for use in the pumping applications to pump clean or lightly contaminated liquids. The pumping head is suspended into the pumped liquid and the drive motor is dry installed on the top. The pump has common discharge / support column. The vertical wet pit pump has a vertical line shaft with the slide bearings typically lubricated by the pumped liquid.

Vertical wet pit pumps



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